Environmental Justice Day 2022


 2022 Environmental Justice Community Days 


Welcome to Environmental Justice Days 2022! This year our celebration is made up of small events throughout the months of April and May and will be located throughout the communities of the Mountain View Neighborhood, Pueblo of Isleta and the South Valley.
Environmental Justice Community Day serves the continuing work and goals of the Environmental Justice Strategic Plan for Valle de Oro NWR. EJ Community Day specifically builds the capacity of the refuge, Friends of Valle de Oro NWR, and the constituencies in the host communities of Mountain View Neighborhood, Pueblo of Isleta, and the greater South Valley to engage in putting the plan into action. The host communities have a legacy of environmental justice organizing in response to the environmental racism which has led to disproportionate amounts of pollution, contamination and adverse health and economic impacts in the host communities.
The EJ Community Days activities are connected to at least one of the Environmental Justice Principles. The EJ Principles were authored and signed at the First National People of Color Leadership Summit in 1991 in Washington D.C. These principles serve to ground and align the grassroots, indigenous and frontline environmental justice movements.
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Members from the Mountain View Community, Friends of Valle de Oro, and Los Jardines Institute share knowledge and history about fighting against environmental injustices in the neighborhood and community based projects that bring Mountain View Neighborhood alegría and vida.
Special thanks to all who made the video possible: Los Jardines Institute, Mountain View Neighborhood Association, Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, the Valle de Oro NWR Environmental Justice Leadership Team, BEMP (bus driver) and Rachel Hendrix (videographer).
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Valle de Oro NWr 2021-2025
Environmental & Economic Justice Strategic Plan

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This updated draft of the Valle de Oro NWR 2021-2025 Environmental & Economic Justice Strategic Plan (EEJSP) expands on the first EEJSP produced in 2017 and the Refuge’s goal to adhere to environmental justice principles. Environmental and economic justice practices are ingrained in the activities, programs, and operations of the Refuge as it is developed and restored.

The updated goals, strategies and action items presented in this document are still in draft form and were created with the generous advice and support of our Community Accountability Group (CAG) and residents of the refuge's host communities. The Valle de Oro NWR EJ Leadership Team includes representatives from: Valle de Oro NWR, Los Jardines Institute, & the Friends of Valle de Oro NWR.

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The Principles of Environmental Justice & The Jemez Principles for democratic organizing


hISTORY OF Environmental Justice Community Day at Valle de Oro NWR

The first Environmental Justice Community Day was held in 2015 as a way for neighbors of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge to gather as a community and celebrate the history of environmental justice advocacy in the Mountain View Neighborhood, Pueblo of Isleta and the South Valley. We come together in April each year to celebrate Earth Day, the victory of the neighbors who joined together to establish the Refuge, and gather input and report back on the Refuge's commitments to its community through it's Environment & Economic Justice Strategic Plan.


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